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2-Way Speaker System
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2-Way Speaker System
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Before using these speakers
Before connecting the speakers
Cautions and warnings regarding this product
To avoid damage to the speakers:
Do not locate the speakers in areas subject to high
temperatures or direct sunlight, or near a heating
Do not locate the speakers in areas subject to oil
(kerosene) smoke or fumes, or in areas of high
Avoid hitting or scratching either the speaker
enclosures or the front grilles with hard objects.
To avoid injuries caused by the speakers
toppling or falling over:
Do not locate the speakers on unstable, unsteady
or sloping surfaces.
Speaker cables should be as short as possible to
minimize signal loss and external interference. The
resistance of a cable increases with length, causing
loss of power, and reduction of damping
characteristics. The inductance and capacitance of
the cable may also be increased, resulting in a loss of
audio quality in the treble ranges. In order to reduce
resistance and damping effects, we recommend that
you use high-quality cable 16 gauge or larger.
About speaker cables
If the speakers are out of phase (i.e. the + terminal
of one amplifier channel is connected to the +
terminal of one speaker, and the + terminal of the
other amplifier channel is connected to the - terminal
of the other speaker), the sound will be affected.
If the phase is reversed, the stereo image will be
unstable, and the bass components will not be
clearly reproduced. Correctly-connected ("in-
phase") speakers will give you a stable, well-defined
stereo image, with a clear, powerful bass sound.
Make sure that each + terminal of the amplifier is
correctly connected to the + terminal of the
appropriate speaker. Most speaker cables have one
ridged or striped part, to help you distinguish + from -.
If you need to reverse the connections of one
speaker to correct the phasing, make sure the
amplifier is turned off before you disconnect the
Phase reversal and correction
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Connecting the speaker cables
When connecting the speakers, you must turn
down the main volume, and switch off the power
amplifier. Always take note of the polarity (+ and -
markings on the amplifier and speakers, as well as
any markings on the cables) when connecting the
1. Strip about 1 inch of
insulation from the end
of each wire of the
speaker cable. Twist
the strands of the bare
wire tightly.
2. Loosen
knob of the speaker's
insert the wire into the
input terminal from
below. Make sure that
only the bare wire
(and no insulation) is
inserted into the hole.
Make sure that the
wire is not touching the
other terminal. Tighten
the screw knob. Repeat
this step for each wire
and speaker terminal.
3. Connect the other end
of each speaker cable
to your amplifier.
Banana plugs
As an alternative to the
procedure described
above, you may want
to connect individual
banana plugs to the
cable ends, allowing
easy connection of the
cables to the speakers.
Banana plugs / Fiches bananes
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This appliance has a serial number located on the rear panel. Please record
the model number and serial number and retain them for your records.
3-7-3, Nakacho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180, Japan
7733 Telegraph Road, Montebello, California 90640
5939 Wallace Street, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1Z8, Canada
Privada De Corina, No. 18, Colonia Del Carmen Coyoacon, Mexico DF 04100
(0422) 52-5081
(213) 726-0303
(905) 890-8008
(5) 658-1943
Phone :
Phone :
Phone :
Phone :
Type :
Woofer :
Tweeter :
Impedance :
Power Handling Capacity :
Sensitivity :
Frequency Response :
Crossover Frequency :
Cabinet Internal Volume :
Dimensions :
Weight (net) each :
Accessories :
2-Way, Tuned Port
Polypropylene Cone :130mm (5")
Dome type : 25.4mm (1")
6 Ohms
88dB, 1W/1m
180 x 290 x 270mm
(7-1/16" x 11-7/16" x 10-5/8")
6.2kg (13.7lbs.)
1 Owner's Manual
1 Warranty Card
0598 MA-0166A
These speakers are not magnetically shielded.
If placed near a TV or video monitor, color
distortion may occur. In such a case, move the
speakers away from the TV or monitor until the
color distortion disappears.
When connecting to an amplifier having an
output higher than the maximum rated input of
the speaker system, be careful not to overpower
the speakers with excessively high volume levels
as this will damage the speakers.
To clean the cabinet, use a clean soft cloth.
If the cabinet is extremely dirty, wipe it gently
using a cloth moistened with a mild soap and
water solution. Solvents such as thinner or
benzine should not be used as they could spoil
the finish of the cabinet.
Model number
Serial number
Improvements may result in specification or feature
changes without notice.
Illustrations may differ slightly from production models.
180 x 290 x 270mm
(7-1/16" x 11-7/16" x 10-5/8")
6,2kg (13,7lbs.)


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