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Safety precautions
Take the following precautions to keep the unit in proper working order:
· Installation must be performed according to this installation manual. Kenwood is not responsible for
issues arising from installations not performed according to the procedures in this manual.
· Use only the included power supply.
· Do not install the unit where it will be exposed to high levels of humidity, moisture, or dust.
Use of the included antenna inside a home requires placement at a North-, West-, or East-facing window
(depending on where you live). If a proper window location is not available, the antenna must be placed
outside the home, away from any overhead obstructions. See pg. 6, step 5 for details.
Box contents
Unpack your KPA-H2H kit carefully and make sure that everything listed here is present:
1 x Cradle
1 x Base
1 x Antenna
1 x Power Supply
1 x AC Cord
1 x Audio Cable
1 x Hardware Bag
If anything is missing or damaged, or if your KPA-H2H fails to operate, notify your dealer immediately. If your
KPA-H2H was shipped to you directly, notify your shipper immediately. Kenwood recommends that you
retain the original carton and packing materials in case you need to ship your KPA-H2H in the future.
KPA-H2H Installation Guide
KPA-H2H Installation Guide
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Installation in a home (continued)
KPA-H2H Installation Guide
Installation in a home
Note: Do not put Here2Anywhere in the docking station until you have completed the installation.
KPA-H2H Installation Guide
1. Using the provided screw,
assemble the docking station
cradle to the base.
4. Plug the antenna into the back of the docking sta-
tion until it is firmly seated, as shown.
2A. Plug the audio cable's mini
connector into the back of the
docking station, as shown.
2B. Plug the audio cable's white
(L ch,) and red (R ch.) connec-
tors into your audio system.
3. Plug the AC cord into the power supply, then plug the power supply into
the back of the docking station, as shown. Don't plug the AC cord into
a wall outlet until the installation is completed.
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3. Due to the moving paths of the SIRIUS satellites, it is possible for the signal to change over time. In most cases, signal should
be available continuously, however, it may be temporarily blocked in some antenna locations in home installations. Be sure to
check the the Antenna Signal screen if there is a loss of signal or audio. Experimentation with antenna placement in the home or
outside may be necessary to ensure continuous reception.
KPA-H2H Installation Guide
KPA-H2H Installation Guide
5. For best reception of the satellite signal, place the included
antenna near a window. Use the map on page 7 as a general
placement guideline--some experimentation may be needed
to obtain the best results. Due to the paths of the SIRIUS
satellites over the US, the best window for the antenna in your
home depends on where you live. Locate the antenna based
on which section of the country you live in according to the
map on page 7.
Section 1: Place the antenna at an
Section 2: Place the antenna
OUTSIDE, away from any over-
head obstructions
Section 3: Place the antenna at a
Section 4: Place the antenna at a
Section 5: Place the antenna at a
Section 6: Place the antenna at a
· In major US cities, you may also be able to receive the signal
from SIRIUS ground repeaters, which may allow you to place
the antenna away from a window.
· No matter where you live, since the antenna is weather-proof
you can also locate it outside, clear of any overhead
obstructions. (This is especially important if your house has an
extended roof or extended window frame structures.)
Using the Antenna Signal Screen
This screen shows the quality of the SIRIUS satellite signal
that's being received, to help you find the best location for the
1.Enter the Setup Mode by holding the POWER button for at
least 1 second, then press the left or right arrow button until
the Antenna Signal screen appears (
After a few seconds the signal quality bars will indicate how
well the antenna is receiving the SIRIUS satellite signal.
2. Find a location for the antenna that illuminates the maxi-
mum number of bars.
· After moving the antenna, wait at least 2 seconds before
moving it again, to enable the unit to process the signal.
Installation in a home: Placing the antenna
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